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Bondifly is designed by Keptin-Jr to support premature babies and incubator babies in their recovery and development. Premature babies have stress and challenges with grip and development, which is frustrating for both child and parent. In this fragile period, a Bondifly brings comfort and security into the incubator.


Babies can smell from a very early age and quickly recognise the parent’s scent. Bondifly’s wing brings the parent’s scent to the baby in the incubator. Each cuddly toy has two removable wings, one to pick up the parent’s scent and the other to be in the Bondifly with the baby in the incubator. In this way, the bond with the parents is strengthened.

  • Responds to the gripping reflexes with the four feelers.
  • Natural material that absorbs the scent of the parent well.
  • The removable scent wing brings the scent of the parents into the incubator.
  • Supplied with an extra scent wing so that one wing can be with the baby in the incubator and one with the parents to absorb scent.
  • The body and wings of the cuddly toy can be used as a blanket.
  • Made of safe organic cotton.
  • Soft velour offers great comfort.

Additional information


Peach Orange


0 – 9 months, Premature


Organic Cotton

Fabric Certification

Gots & OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Safety Certification



No stuffing

Washing instructions

Machine wash 60┬░C, tumble dry


"No Tears" Guarantee


23 x 26 x 4 cm

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