Comforting cuddly toys

For a child, nothing is more important than to feel comfortable and secure as these feelings enhance a child’s development and growth. Keptin-Jr has more than 30 years of experience in offering innovative products that seamlessly connect to these needs. Our cuddly toys positively contribute to a child’s sleep and feeling of comfort.


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No Tears Guarantee

‘’Mocht een knuffel ooit uit de collectie gaan, dan sturen we je een e-mail waarin wij de mogelijkheid bieden om tijdig een reserveknuffel te bestellen.’’ = We will send you an email in case your child’s favorite cuddly toy goes out of stock. This will allow you to order a spare cuddly toy in time.

Willem Flendrie – Director / Registered Nurse

Since 1993, I’ve wanted to give my kids, who were born around that time, cuddly toys made from organic and socially responsible fabrics. There seemed to be a big demand for such products. This is how Keptin-Jr was founded. 

I studied both developmental psychology and nursing, which helped me to develop evidence based cuddly toys that positively contribute to children’s development. I am really proud that our cuddly toys really do what they are supposed to do: to give children the feeling of security, safety, and comfort, thereby supporting them in each stage of their lives.