Bondifly is designed by Keptin-Jr to support premature babies and babies in incubators in their recovery and development. Premature babies have stress and challenges with grip and development, which is frustrating for both child and parent. In this challenging period, a Bondifly brings comfort and security in the incubator.


Birth takes place about 9 months after the pregnancy. Premature birth is when the baby is born in less than 32 weeks. Premature babies are usually not yet fully developed and physically not yet able to live independently outside a protected environment. As a parent, you want to connect with your baby as well as possible. With the help of the removable scent wing, the Bondifly cuddly toy brings a little bit of mummy or daddy into the incubator.

Bondifly tijdlijn keptin jr

In the incubator, children often reflexively reach for the tube or oxygen hose, which is painful for them and causes a lot of stress. A Bondifly cuddly toy with four feelers gives the smallest hands a firm grip and prevents babies from reflexively reaching for the tube or oxygen hose.
The soft head of the cuddly toy fills the empty space between the incubator and the baby’s tummy. If the Bondifly need washing, ensure hygiene in the incubator by washing it at 60 degrees Celsius. In this way the baby with low resistance is protected against external influences.

The brain development of incubated children is positively influenced by a good bond with the parents. Babies can smell at a very early age and quickly recognise the parent’s scent. The Bondifly wing brings the scent of the parent to the baby in the incubator. Each cuddly toy has two removable wings, one to pick up the parent’s scent and the other to be with the baby in the incubator. In this way, the bond with the parents is strengthened and brain development is stimulated.

Features of Bondifly

Bondifly for premature babies lime green


Recommended age:
Premature - 9 months
Organic cotton
50% Organic Cotton/50% Recycled Polyester
Fabric Certification:
Gots; Ökotex-100
Safety Certification:
"No Tears" Guarantee
Washing instructions:
Machine wash 60°C, tumble dry
23 x 26 x 4 cm (excluding feelers)