The Tjumm cuddly collection offers the developing toddler extra comfort and security. Tjumm is made of organic cotton and optimally supports the growing toddler when it comes to rest, scent recognition and safety. The best buddy for the toddler who wants to discover the world.


A toddler has a will of its own and is a person separate from its parents. This means that there is plenty of experimentation, new emotions, and, in this phase of life, appropriate support is needed. During a toddler’s journey of discovery, regularity and sufficient rest are indispensable.

Tjumm feels like a trusted friend. The soft, cotton plush is wonderful to lie against and the material absorbs the smell of its user. Toddlers discover their environment with their hands and mouths. Reason enough to design the Tjumm cuddly toys in such a way that they can be easily grasped, chewed on, and sucked on. The long, soft ears offer a firm grip.

Young children make judgements based on their senses. Smell plays an important role in determining whether something is strange or safe. The organic cotton of a Tjumm cuddly toy absorbs the child’s own and familiar scents and retains them. Besides cotton, this soft toy is made of other types of fabric. Tjumm’s soft, plush skin is wonderful to cuddle and the smoothly woven fabric of Tjumm’s ears and scarf stimulate the sense of touch. Toddlers experience a sense of calm and comfort when touching soft and warm materials. Less familiar and new structures arouse curiosity.

The social and emotional development of toddlers is stimulated by playing with cuddly toys. The eyes and eye contact play an important role in this. Tjumm has a simple face and offers the child room to project its own fantasy and emotion onto a cuddly toy.

Features of Tjumm

Recommended age:
from 2 years onwards
Organic cotton
Recycled polyester
Fabric Certification:
Gots; Ökotex-100
Safety Certification:
"No Tears" Guarantee
Washing instructions:
Machine wash 30°C, tumble dry
26 x 23 x 7 cm (excluding ears)