Growing in a relaxed way

Unwind, relax, and sleep. This is how you recover from efforts and emotions. Whether you’re a parent or a newborn, you need rest and relaxation. A child that relaxes and sleeps well, can develop better than a restless baby. Keptin-Jr contributes to an environment in which every child can sleep and grow safely. Our innovative cuddle toys give children a feeling of security and comfort so that relaxation follows naturally. We create peace of mind, for both children and parents.

Willem Flendrie – Director / Registered Nurse

“When I started to develop cuddly toys in 1993, the goal was to make these from natural and organic materials. At that time, only cuddly toys made of synthetic materials were available. I wanted to give my children, who were born in those years, a cuddly toy made of honest and natural materials. It soon became clear that there was a great demand for this. That’s how Keptin-Jr. was born. The drive to keep improving cuddly toys remained. Besides using organic and natural materials, we worked towards our goal of making our cuddly toys really do what they are supposed to do: give a feeling of security, safety, and comfort. With the help of specialists and experts, we were able to give substance to Keptin-Jr’s objective. In the meantime, I was studying developmental psychology and nursing. These fascinating areas of study helped me to develop cuddly toys that are evidence-based and contribute to the relaxation and development of growing children. I’m proud to see how our beautiful cuddly toys offer children daily comfort and relaxation to help them develop into their next stage of life.”

Six-hour drive

Our customers prove how important our cuddly toys can be for children. A good example is the story of a mother from France who found out in the morning that her son had lost his Keptin-Jr cuddly toy. She first hoped that her child would get over the loss. Nothing was further from the truth: her son was inconsolable and desperate. What to do? Where could she get a replacement cuddly toy? She decided to contact Keptin-Jr immediately. “If it would be possible to deliver that one specific cuddly toy her son loves so much. “Of course!”, we replied. The French lady got into her car and within six hours she arrived at our doorstep. Another six hours later, her son could take his friend back into his arms. Peace had returned.

A bond between a cuddly toy and a child is very strong. Once a baby has taken a liking to a cuddly toy, it will not let go. A permanent friend who offers a feeling of security: that’s why we do it!

From expert to toddler

Keptin-Jr develops and designs cuddly toys with experts from various fields.

Our designs undergo a continuous process of optimisation in which the parent and the child are central.

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