Keptin-Jr is here for parents, healthcare and retailers

Keptin-Jr’s cuddly toys are used by HEALTH CARE to support the provision of care. Young PARENTS give their child comfort and security during the important developmental years with our cuddly toys. For RETAILERS, who sell high-quality and sustainable children’s products, our cuddly toys form a permanent part of the range.

Health Care

As a healthcare institution, such as a hospital, obstetrician or daycare center, your goal is to provide the best care. The cuddly toys from Keptin-Jr are specially designed to contribute to this. Based on nursing interventions (NIC), our products have a share in the total package of care. Among other things, by directly contributing to the care for the child, but also by relieving part of the tension of a medical process and to make cuddly. For child and parent(s). The cuddly toys from Keptin-Jr are often used as a tangible reminder of the time the child was treated.

  • Our cuddly toys have been proven to contribute to the comfort of children (Evidence Based Practice),
  • Comply with quality standards CE and ASTM,
  • Offer the option of “custom-made” design,
  • Make it possible to apply your own logo during production,
  • Are hygienically packed if desired (ISO 11607),
  • Are Sustainable, Social and Responsible (Gots certified).

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The very best hugs for your child For mothers and fathers who want the best for their child, Keptin-Jr cuddly toys that contribute like no other to comfort and security. Children rest better, fall asleep more easily and have more room to gain new energy and develop further. Keptin-Jr’s cuddly toys don’t just do this; they are developed with this purpose in mind. The dimensions and use of color are precisely tailored to the different growth stages that a child goes through. The natural material used for the cuddly toys is pleasant and safe to cuddle with and to suck on. In addition, the material easily absorbs odour. Smell is a very important sense that functions even before birth. That’s why Keptin-Jr’s cuddly toys have been a favorite for children all over the world for years.
  • Our cuddly toys have been proven to contribute to the comfort of children,
  • Comply with quality standards CE – ASTM,
  • Are made of safe organic and natural material (GOTS),
  • Are age-appropriate in terms of size and color use,
  • Have an understandable sequence of hugs for different ages,
  • Can be used in both the washing machine and tumble dryer,
  • Have our “No-tears-guarantee” in case of loss,
  • Immediately available to parents and children around the world.

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Quality Cuddly Toys for your customers

Offering Quality products to your customers is most important. Cuddly toys must be well presented in the assortment of a store or web shop and of course a pleasant margin is welcome. The Keptin-Jr’s collection makes all these wishes come true. We have been supplying quality cuddly toys worldwide for over 30 years. In addition, the articles have sales packaging for a striking store presentation. We offer professional images and texts for web shop presentation. We often hear from our retailers that our margin is attractive. Do the Keptin-Jr cuddly toys fit in your range?

  • Keptin-Jr offers high quality cuddly toys for satisfied customers,
  • Good selling range,
  • Attractive retail packaging,
  • Images and information for web presentation,
  • Fast delivery from our own stock all over the world,
  • Complies with quality standards (CE – ASTM),
  • Is responsible and environmentally friendly (Gots certified),
  • Produces under responsible working conditions.

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