Spare Buddy Package
Little Toddel
Peach Orange


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This package has been carefully put together by us with everything you need for uninterrupted cuddles. Because of course you and your child want to enjoy it for as long as possible!

The package includes:
2x Little Toddel-Peach Orange
1x Keptin-Jr laundry bag
1x Trial bottle (30ML) scent-free detergent


Keep a Spare Cuddle
It is always a good idea to have a spare cuddle, and not just in case of loss. The cuddles can be used alternately ensuring that the hugs go on for twice as long. When one cuddle needs a wash your child won’t have to do without their little buddy.

Wash with care
Hygiene is important with small children. It is recommended to keep the cuddle clean and fresh. If it is time to wash it, use a delicate wash program and put it in the Keptin-Jr laundry bag so that it is well protected. This way the cuddle lasts much longer!

Use your scent
Scent is important for your child to feel comfortable, safe and familiar. If you sleep with your child’s cuddle it will absorb your scent so that you are always close by. When washing use a scent free detergent so that the scent that is so familiar to your baby will not be replaced by another, unknown scent.

Additional information



Recommended age

from 0 – 9 months


organic cotton


80% organic cotton/20% recycled polyester

Fabric Certification

Gots; Ökotex-100

Safety Certification



"No Tears" Guarantee

Washing instructions

Machine wash 30°C, tumble dry


16 x 12 x 4 cm (Little Toddel excl. ears)


50 Gramms




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Little Toddel
Peach Orange”

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